Beautful work by Brussels based design director I Am Sanderson.

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Pocket Printer, ZUtA Labs Ltd. (2014)

Print machines now-a-days are essentially a printhead running left and right on a moving piece of paper. We asked ourselves, why not get rid of the entire device, just put the printhead on a set of small wheels and let it run across a piece of paper. By doing so, we allow the printer to really be as little as possible.  

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DocuTech™ 135, Xerox (1990)

With its ability to digitally scan, edit and store documents for later retrieval, and also its ability to output stitched or tape-bound books, the DocuTech Production Publisher was arguably the first fully integrated “print-on-demand” publishing system. In fact, the Xerox DocuTech line of publishing systems is largely credited with establishing the “print-on-demand” industry. (Wikipedia)

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Arthur C. Clarke playing ping pong

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