Many may know that I love innovation when put into practical use. These 3D printed shoes by think tank Continuum almost gets there. With that said, they are pretty rad.

The details: Continuum, which makes customizable or user-designed fashion, is now selling shoes made with a 3D printer….


Ant Farm - Media Burn (1975)

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R2D2 yarn bomb in Bellingham, Washington
via Street Art Utopia

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Snake&molting legwear picture from the Graduation book 2010 of the Design Academy Eindhoven - photography from Vincent van Gurp.

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Ryan Gander interviewed by Lorena Muñoz-Alonso


Found at this is tomorrow

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Superflex Opening at 1301 PE Gallery this Wednesday night. See you there.

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Voltage on Vacation
By Andy Votel
“I get a lot of inspiration while looking for records and books in European junk-shops. This was inspired by an old electronics shop in Spain which accidentally specialized in obsolete electricity adapters…. the entire shop window was filled with a wall of international plug sockets. I didn’t want to spend too much time expressing the instantaneous wonder of this event.”
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A Stack of Books
by Triin Tamm
2011. Zürich, Switzerland. Rollo Press.
Produced in conjunction with the exhibition “If It’s Part Broke, Half Fix It”. True to it’s name, the book presents various publications with snippets of content from their pages. [info]
7” x 4.25”

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.   .  . right as rain .  .   .

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