Multi-Functional Studio by TETRAN

11.21.12 @ 20:22743


Many may know that I love innovation when put into practical use. These 3D printed shoes by think tank Continuum almost gets there. With that said, they are pretty rad.

The details: Continuum, which makes customizable or user-designed fashion, is now selling shoes made with a 3D printer….


R2D2 yarn bomb in Bellingham, Washington
via Street Art Utopia

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09.23.12 @ 00:1089


Japanese Incense Holder from shopping site everyday needs (Katie Lockhart selected)

03.14.12 @ 12:386


PAOLO ULIAN ’s Golosimetro (chocolate), 2002

Bar of chocolate + meters = a combination of two different tipologies to measure our delicacies.

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02.11.12 @ 16:187

~   Design legend Philippe Starck on Steve Jobs. Related, Starck’s TED talk is one of the finest, most compelling TED talks of all time. (via curiositycounts)